Painting in Arizona

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I just returned from attending a painting workshop in Tuscon, Arizona with Iain Stewart. We painted a new study every day of a variety of subjects  from around the world. A few of them are shown here in thumbnail format and they will be added to the portfolio and submitted to  exhibitions in the region in the immediate future.

Mr. Stewart had this to say about how we are to work through a painting:

1. Create an atmosphere

2. Create shapes, connecting things arbitrarily

3. Add shadows to create forms

4. Add details

We paint up to openings.




Here are some  of the watercolor sketches that were completed there.


Composition Secrets of the Masters

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Many master watercolor painters frequently create a focus of attention on the center of their paintings. They do this by treating the perimeter of the painting differently from the center of interest in terms of technique, such as:

  • Darkening or lightening
  • softening of edges
  • washing out the detail (Actually washing the paint away, leaving white paper)
  • Reducing the saturation (Chroma)
  • greying (not exactly the same as reducing saturation)
  • Leaving out detail

This results in drawing your attention to the center of interest, usually somewhere in the middle of the page, which raises the dramatic power of his chosen subject.


I'll explore how others accomplish this same or similar intention.

Significant Watercolor Artists

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Watercolor Artists to Know About and Study (in no particular order)

John Salminen

Winslow Homer

Serge Hollerbach

Dean Mitchell

Mel Stabin

Andrew Wyeth

Iain Stewart

Sarah Hogg

Julie Collins

Edward Seago

Lars Lerin

Jeane Dobie

Charles Reid

John Blockley

David Levine


Teaching Watercolor Again

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Commmunity School of New Hope/Solebury

Starting again with this Spring semester I will be teaching watercolor painting at the Community School of New Hope/Solebury to all levels of students from beginners with no experience whatsoever up to what might be called Intermediate level students.

I invite you to join us, and to see all of the 120 classes offered

I will cover everything from:

  • Materials: Paint, Paper, Brushes
  • Painters and their works
  • Composition
  • Moisture Control
  • Color Choices (Theory)
  • Subject Matter
  • Style

I will give a basic outline of the simple steps in making a painting and hope that all enjoy the class while improving their skills.

My hope is to give everyone a heightened appreciation for the wonderful potential of this challenging medium and its enjoyment.

For full information you should contact the Community School of New Hope/Solebury directly.

Their website is